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Starting Small Daycare

Starting Small Family Daycare is a child's home away from home...

Learning Through Play

Little Scientists

  • Flexible Hours: 7:30-5:00 (earlier or later upon request)

  • Ages: Birth- 6 years

  • State Licensed Accredited

  • CPR /First Aid Certified

  • Highly Qualified Teachers

  • Child Centered- Play Based Learning

  • Highly Recommended with Outstanding Reviews

Our child-centered environment promotes and motivates the children to discover new skills and knowledge, while

the fun- play-based curriculum allows them to explore, imagine, and develop their basic social, physical, cognitive and language skills. 

My Mission

Tammy Stuart

  It is my overall focus to provide a loving, safe, fun and nurturing environment.

Here each individual child feels welcomed and respected.

It is my goal to help develop happy, intelligent, well-adjusted children.

I have a strong belief that each child is unique, special, and individual.

Each child receives one- on- one attention, love, affection, and is deemed a worthy individual.

Positive feed back is given, to promote positive self-esteem.

At Starting Small, you will find an educationally enriching environment for children ages birth and up, with activities that are developmentally appropriate, hands on and fun.

I demonstrate and encourage good manners and proper social skills on how to be polite and conscientious with others. 

My program includes...

  • Imaginative play emphasizing on Play Based- Curriculum

  • Fun, hands on teaching methods where the children can discover and explore while learning through play.

  • Education is experienced, not just taught

  • Making Friends- Social/ emotional development

  • Positive social interaction.

  • Math concepts with counting, number recognition, and shapes, colors and more.

  • Science exploration

  • Live Science experiences with insects, plant life and more.

  • Reading and writing skills

  • Language Development

  • Literature and books

  • Art and craft exploration

  • Gardening

  • Music and Movement is explored using things like instruments and multicultural music.

  • We dance, move our bodies using fine and large motor skills, and develop or use of balance.

  • We sing and do finger plays

  • Outdoor fun and games

  • Picnics and water fun

  • I use positive redirection and give positive feed back to promote self-esteem.

  • My curriculum is child based, meaning that they help create/ inspire the activities

  • The children are introduced to their numbers, shapes, colors, and other math concepts through play and fun activities.

  • Developmentally appropriate activities are available indoors and out doors.

  • Language development is enhanced and encouraged through multiple outlets.

  • We love Puppets, flannel stories, books, stories and songs to explore and play.

  • Dress up clothes and pretend play areas are available to encourage and promote the use of the children's imagination.

Some Highlights...

  • Super qualified providers with extensive experience, education and comes highly recommended.

  • Here, your child can start getting a high quality education from birth.

  • A warm, loving, safe and clean environment.

  • Your child can make new life long friends.

  • All the benefits of a preschool, but in a cozy home atmosphere.

  • Meals, diapers/wipes, and formula are provided.

  • A nice neighborhood with lots of parking.

  • A small group setting allows your child to get more one on one attention.

  • Your child can become socially and emotionally prepared for life.

  • Language development is promoted and emphasized.

  • We support and encourage Breastfeeding families.

  • We use the baby sign program with the infants.

  • Language development is enhanced.

  • Health and wellness program provided that promotes physical development

I am a licensed professional daycare and spaces often fills up quickly.

Sign up and join today, or contact me for more information!

(619) 663-6709

Swan Street, 92114

Tammy Stuart


Mon - Fri: 7:30am- 5:00pm

Earlier or Later hours may be available upon request.

For the safety of the children strangers are not permitted in during daycare hours. Therefore, tours are scheduled evening appointments.

“Don't give up. I believe in you all. A person's a person no matter how small.” -Dr. Seuss

"At Starting Small daycare, your child is given the best education at an early age when it's most important."

-Tammy Stuart

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