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Starting Small is open from 8:00- 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

* Earlier or Later hours may be available upon request


  • Tuition is set rate $65 a day/$325 a week. 

  • Drop in rate is $65 a day.

  • Tuition is due by the first day of the month or beginning of each week.

  • The tuition is to hold a spot for your child, so if you go on vacation or your child is out sick your spot will be reserved for you.

  • My rates are fair and competitive with my area. They reflect my education, experience and the quality of childcare.

  • Tuition is still paid for on holidays and vacation.

  • $100 a month Sibling discount. 

Program Provides

  • Nutritious Breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Formula

  • Baby food: Rice and oatmeal cereals; organic and homemade.

  • Diapers and wipes

  • Crafts and activities

  • Music, dancing and Movement

  • Math and Science

  • Literature and Language

  • and much more 


  • All meals are well balanced, healthy and nutritious and mostly organic.

  • Meals served here meet the nutrition requirements established by USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program.

  • Food is also prepared for each individual child according to their skill level of eating food.

  • I can also make baby food homemade if that parents so desires.

Example # 1


Pancakes w/syrup

bananas, oranges

1% 0r whole milk


Chicken and rice with mixed veggies




Graham crackers


apple slices or grapes

Juice or water

Example # 2


Cheerios in milk

strawberries, bananas

2% milk


Organic Whole grain macaroni noodles, cheese and organic spinach

(Mac and cheese home made)

Carrot sticks

watermelon, cantaloupe

2% Milk


Animal crackers

Apple sauce

Juice or water

Parent/Provider Promise

As the Provider, I will:

  • Greet each child with a smile.

  • Give each child lots of hugs and attention.

  • Listen to and respect each child.

  • Sincerely give each child praise.

  • Discipline calmly and fairly.

  • Have age appropriate toys available for all children.

  • Start each day with toys picked up.

  • Read aloud to the children.

  • Serve nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks.

  • End the day by telling the parent one positive thing that happened to his / her child that day.

As the Parent, I will:

  • Tell the provider how I feel she is doing.

  • Talk to my provider about my concerns for my child.

  • Support and follow through on appropriate discipline we agreed upon.

  • Bring my child appropriately dressed for the weather and the day’s activities.

  • Pick up my child on time.

  • Call my provider when I am going to be late for either arrival or pick up.

  • Pickup my child immediately when my child becomes sick.

  • Call or text my provider immediately when my child won’t be attending.

  • Inform my provider immediately of any changes in address or telephone number at home or work, or any changes in doctor or medical insurance.

  • Pay my provider on time.

  • Abide by my provider’s contract / childcare agreement.

  • Keep my child clean as to avoid any health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
I am located in area code 92102. Which is considered Mt. Hope area. I am close to South Park, Hillcrest, North Park, Down town, Normal Heights, City heights, University Heights, Bonita, National City and Interstate 805, 8, 15 and 5.
How long has your daycare been open?
My doors opened in 2006.
Do you let the kids watch TV?
Yes, but in moderation.
I have found that the television can be used as an extension to my teaching. We will watch DVDs that reflect what I am trying to teach the children.
For example: Baby Einstein, So Smart, Baby Genius, Your baby can read, and theme related dvds.

What form of discipline do you use?

I use positive redirection and give positive feed back to promote self-esteem. And if all else fails, I use quiet time.

Do you take state funded programs?


What ages do you except?

Ages: birth to 5 years. 

How many children do you care for?

I am licensed for 12-14 children, but I keep it to a smaller group, with a helper. 10 is my personal max. 

Do I still pay if my kid goes on vacation or is out sick?

Yes, You are paying to hold the spot for your child to return to.

Do I still pay if the center is closed for holidays, sick days or vacation?

Yes, Tuition is due even if the center is closed for whatever reason. 

How safe is the neighborhood?

The neighborhood is a friendly family oriented block. My neighbors are extremely nice and I feel that it is a comfortable and safe place to raise my own children and have my daycare.

When and where does my child nap?

Infants/Toddlers sleep in bassinet/cribs/playpen when they are tired. And older children sleep on cots, for example: from 1:30-3:30p.m. or as needed.

At Starting Small babies and children have the knowledge they are loved and wanted. With me they receive the respect, acceptance, and appreciation they deserve.

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